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Beautiful from head to toe, for him and her
Thinking of a simple manicure, a beauty regimen for the hands or the feet, or perhaps a spa manicure or pedicure? These original services are offered to you thanks to THUYA products, a leader in the field of hand and foot care.The products have an exceptional texture and gourmet scent.We offer you the following types of hand and foot care, according to your needs:
  • Simple manicure, classic care of the fingernails
Duration: 30 minutes - Price: 25 € sales tax included
  • Spa Manicure or Pedicure, a specific treatment including the use of exfoliation and a mask. It is primarily an anti-stress treatment, but it is also hydrating, rejuvenating and oxygenating.
Spa Manicure Duration: 30 minutes - Price: 35 € sales tax included
Spa pedicure Duration: 35 minutes  - Price: 45 € sales tax included

  • Cold paraffin treatment,  in order to give intense nutrition to very dry and damaged hands and feet. Cold paraffin treatment for the hands and feet. 
Price: 35 € sales tax included
  • Each hand or foot treatment may be finished off by a coat of nail polish or a French manicure
Price : 10 € sales tax included
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