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In our cares, we are using SKIN CEUTICALS products, wich are leader on the American market. All of our facial care treatments are personalized. After your esthetician has had a chance to examine your skin and interview you on your habits and experience, a treatment plan will be prepared for you.

After your facial treatment, your esthetician will offer you a makeover to bring out your skin's healthy glow. We offer a wide range of facial care, from classic to specific skincare treatments tailored to your skin type.

Innovative treatment

Better regarding the need of each moment.

To improve the skin health and fight against the main reaon of yhe skin aging, Skin Ceuticals developed scientifically proved products to prevent and correct the skin aging.

Our philosophy is based on 3 fundamental principes:

  • PREVENT the early skin aging by neutralizing the free radicals, wich produce oxidation and skin damage.
  • PROTECT the skin from the harmful effect of the UV by using sun filters.
  • CORRECT aging signs to give back a younger looking skin and a fair skin.

Advanced Skin Care

  • Perfecting skin care for men
  • Intense hydratation for skin with moisture
  • Detoxifying treatment for damage skin
  • Deep pure calmness for sensitive skin
  • Ultimate glow
  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Extreme anti-aging treatment
Duration: 1h - 1h30
Price: 70 - 145 € VAT

Classic Skin Care

  • Basic skin cleaning
Duration: 45mn
Price: 50 € VAT
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