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Our hair removal treatments are carried out using PERRON RIGOT waxes, a French manufacturer of hair removal waxes. As an inventor of disposable waxes without strips, he is an expert in his field. That is why our esthetic center LESSENSIEL uses this line of disposable waxes. They are adapted according to the skin and the tender areas in which the hair is removed.

Hair Removal for Women

½ Legs18 €
Arms19 €
Entire legs30 €
Simple bikini area12 €
French wax18 €
Brazilian wax27 €
Underarms12 €
Forearms15 €
Thighs18 €
Eyebrows lip or chin  8 €
Fine facial hair10 €

Hair removal for men

Entire legs35 €
Underarms14 €
Chest25 €
Entire back30 €
Entire back + shoulders35 €
 Fine facial hair10 €


2 Zones : -5%
3 Zones et plus : -10%
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