Centre esthétique


Make your beautiful features stand out longer
Our objective is not to transform you, but to help you discover the beauty you possess inside. We refuse to practice anything that could be considered as sophisticated or that may go quickly out of style.We use your special features in order to make you even more beautiful, while remaining as natural as possible. Think about how much time you gain by never having to pencil in your very fine or light eyebrows each morning! What a delight to have the contour of your lips perfectly drawn, especially when there are mornings when the lip liner pencil doesn’t want to cooperate by making your lips symmetrical. Just apply a little bit of lip gloss and you are ready to go.
We offer you the following types of makeup, according to your needs:
  • Creation of eyebrows
  • Eyebrow thickening 
  • Lip contour, trace the contour of your lips, giving volume to your mouth
  • Eyeliner, we offer you an eyeliner that is thinner than the stroke of an eyeliner pencil, which will highlight the shape of your eyes as well as their color

The price of this service includes the necessary touch-up in the following 2 months.
The cost of the touch-ups is factored into the estimate.
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