Pigmentary mark Information
Those recommendations have been written by the dermatologists of the « Laser » group, Department of the dermatology French society.
The aim of the treatment is to destroy some pigmentary marks like birthmark by a suitable laser.
It is a cure than can need one or several treatments (one or two for solar lentigo, sometimes more for other kind of marks).
The mark is progressively getting lighter. Even if the pigmentary laser treatment is often efficient, no guarantee of a complete and perfect result can be given.

The pain
The laser spots are uncomfortable but not painful and do not often need a local anesthesia. Nevertheless, with kids you can use an anesthetic cream (EMLA) under an occlusive bandage during two hours before the session.
After the treatment
The skin will look whiter or a small bleeding can be observed. Few hours later, scabs will be noticed and will disappear in 8 to 10 days.
You will have to disinfect and put oily cream every day. It is mandatory to not pull off the scabs. After healing, the mark will disappear progressively in the weeks following.
On long term the risk of scar is really low, sometimes we can notice a modification of the skin’s color: whitening or pigmenting especially on the dark skin. It is mandatory to use a sun protector after the care. Despite this protection, a pigmentation of small zone can be possible.

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