These recommendations were drafted by the dermatologists of the group "Laser", section of the French Company of Dermatology.
 The depilatory Lasers emit a beam of light absorbed by the brown pigment (melanin) of the stalk of the hair and its root. This beam of light is transformed into heat which pulls the destruction of the hair.
Several sessions are necessary to reduce strongly this pilosity. According to the current data of the medical literature we consider that are needed 4 for 8 sessions (passages) on every zone to depilate, followed possibly by a treatment of maintenance to reduce of 80 % a brown pilosity on a fair skin.
 If the skin is darkened (matt) the number of sessions will be more important. The remaining hairs are finer, more clear and more scattered. The sessions will be spaced out of one in six months according to the regrowth. The white hairs cannot, in the present state of the technique of Lasers, be handled by this method. The removal of hair Laser is possible for the men as for the women, for all the locations, in an esthetic or therapeutic purpose (folliculite, hairs embodied of the beard).
  • Instructions before the session:
Stop the removal of hair in the wax andor in the crowbar as well as the discoloration, at least one month before the session.
Not be tanned.
The shaving of the zone to be handled will have to be realized two days before the session.
The port of adapted safety glasses is compulsory during the session.
  • The pain:
A painful sensation can be felt, variable according to the handled zones and according to the patients. It is a sensation of sting or blow of elastic, which can be decreased by the use of a cooling system or by the application of an anesthetic cream (cream EMLA). The immediate consequences:
A sensation of heat and a discreet inflation on the base of hairs, variable duration of a quarter of an hour at two o'clock are marked by a redness.
Usually, in three in five days following the session we can note "the ejection of the handled hairs". This phase can last until 10-15 days.
  • The care after the session:
The application of a soothing cream will be prescribed during 24 at 48 am.
A sun protection by sunblock is essential in the consequences of the treatment.
  • The risks:
The complications such as burn or secondary infection are rare, scars are exceptional. Disorders of the pigmentation: hyperpigmentation (skin darker than the normal) or hypopigmentation (skin clearer than the normal) can arise in the weeks following the treatment but are almost always reversible.
Paradoxical regrowth were noted, in particular on cheeks during the treatment of a down.

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