LESSENSIEL also specializes in laser treatment. We use the GENTLEMAX PLUS device of the CANDELA brand, combining 2 types of lasers: Alexandrite and YAG, each having their own specific features.During the 1st session (included in the package), the practitioner and the patient will establish an estimate, along with an informed consent regarding what the laser procedure entails, including details of the price, number of sessions, recommendations, advice, etc.

The Laser Alexandrite is essentially used for:

Permanent hair removal:
An average of 5 to 6 sessions for ½ legs, entire legs, bikini, underarms and arms
Prices range from 40 to 300 € per session, according to the area and the amount of hair growth. 
Tarifs de 40 à 300 € par séance en fonction de la zone et de la pilosité.

Treatment of pigment marks:
1 to 2 sessions for the back of the hands and the neckline.
Prices range from 90 to 200€ per session, according to the area and the amount of pigment marks. 
The Laser YAG is essentially used for:

Photorejuvenation (deep skin tension).
Treatment of varicose veins of the lower members of the body.
The number of sessions depends on the result that you are seeking.
Prices range from 100 to 400 € per session, according to the area. 
Additional sessions or a consultation may be necessary, regardless of the type of laser used (Alexandrite or YAG).


Dr Valérie Bronsard, dermatologue
Dr Pierre-Eric Daunard, médecin lasériste
Dr Valérie Quiriconi- Bailleux, médecine vasculaire, phlébologie
Dr Laura Sillard, dermatologue
Dr Michèle Suarez, médecine esthétique et laser
Dr Sylvie Tramaloni, dermatologue

Recommendations before beginning any laser session:

  • No exposure to the sun or to UV rays at least 4 to 6 week before the session.<
  • Do not apply tanning lotion. 
  • Do not take medications that cause sensitivity to light or the sun.

Recommendations after the laser session:

  • Do not expose the treated area to the sun or to UV rays for 1 month.
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